CUMTDBusRoutes(CU)MTD Bus Routes app (also a general-purpose GTFS viewer)5 days
autoserverAutoserver5 days
container-scriptsContainer Scripts (including ctrtool)5 days
ctrtool-containersScripts to start containers with ctrtool5 days
git-download-scriptInternal script used to publish all of these git repos5 days
guess-the-wordGuess the Word Game5 days
haproxyHAProxy (fork of 2.4 with relaxed constraints on sockpair protocol) Original rep...5 days
inet-relayInet-relay (a predecessor to socketbox)5 days
iotetherIoTether5 days
ipv6bibleIPv6 Bible5 days
lan-6rd6rd (IPv6 rapid deployment) server for private network use5 days
language-detectorLanguage Detector5 days
mini-libcMinimal, proof-of-concept C library5 days
miniwebappsMiscallenous web applications5 days
nginx-clockWeb clock for nginx5 days
python-socketboxSocketbox ("B" protocol server)5 days
rwhoisRWhois5 days
socket-enhancerSocket Enhancer5 days
socketboxSocketbox5 days
tcp-udp-relayTCP/UDP Relay5 days
universal-relayUniversal Relay5 days
usb-controlled-appliancesUSB Controlled Appliances (ECE 445 final project)5 days